"On what will be one of the hardest and most beautiful days of your life, it is a huge benefit to have a support system like Katie. She will help you to feel empowered, heard, and cared for. She was truly the best!" -Evie H. Los Angeles, CA 

Katie Hager, CD

Katie is a kombucha brewing homeschooling birth doula momma of three. She discovered her fascination for pregnancy and birth when she witnessed the birth of her brother nearly 20 years ago. That lead her down a winding path towards a career helping families feel heard, supported, and educated during pregnancy and birth. Before birth work Katie was a teacher of students with multiple disabilities at Texas School for the Blind where she was recognized for her observation and intuitiveness, helping students discover their options and communicate them with others, which she feels translates well into birth work. The final defining moments before starting doula work were the births of her own three babies. She saw a need for observing, listening, and educating and is honored to fill that role. Katie works with families in Seattle and throughout King County.