Inviting someone to attend your birth is an important decision.  I encourage you to meet several doulas and choose the one you are most comfortable with, after all I might see you naked. My services include:

Two Prenatal Visits

  • Building relationship
  • Assistance with birth plan
  • Referrals for doctors or alternative care providers
  • Recommendations for pregnancy related issues
  • Recommendations for a healthy and natural pregnancy
  • Additional visits available


  • 24-hour on-call availability beginning two-weeks before due date, and up to two weeks after
  • Telephone support during early labor
  • My presence at your home or place of birth during active labor and through birth
  • Massage and Counter Pressure including some accupressure
  • Create a peaceful, supportive environment
  • Assistance obtaining information, if necessary
  • Positions to promote optimal positioning of baby
  • Positions to promote comfort
  • Positions to promote labor
  • Assistance with Initial Breastfeeding

Post Partum

One visit within 3 days of birth and an additional visit 4-6 weeks after to go over labor notes and ensure you are supported and equipped to start life with baby 

  • Available via text or phone call for any questions that may arise once family is alone with baby.
  • Meet to begin discussing your birth, share my labor notes and snapshots
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Sleep and baby care support
  • Referrals for local resources/groups
  • Cloth diapering and baby-wearing info/support