Katie and my husband made the perfect team. The two of them worked seamlessly together to assist me in the natural birth of my second son. She initially took more of back seat and watched as my husband and I worked through each contraction. She could tell when I didn't like what he was doing and she ever so politely guided him to use his hands better or simply took over with her amazing hands. She followed my lead of chanting "oooooopen" and encouraged my husband to join in. So during each contraction all three of us chanted. These verbal vibrations were so effective for pain relief for me. I felt loved. I felt like I was safe. Thank you Katie so much for this gift. I truly feel so empowered from this birth experience. -Jen RC


Katie was one of my doulas throughout my arduous 61-hour labor; it was a hopeful homebirth that turned into a non-emergency hospital transfer. She was the first one to show up at my door when I was in early labor and needing emotional support. Throughout the 2 1/2 day adventure, she and my other doula tag-teamed giving me hands-on support, making me food, breathing with me, gently reminding me to relax, kept my midwives up-to-date, made sure my husband got some sleep, skillfully helped me labor in different positions in an effort to help my baby find a better position, and when it came down to the reality of transferring to the hospital due to not progressing, Katie was right there helping me to process through the change, she rode in the back of the car with me on the way to the hospital, and she continued her unwavering support through the time it took for my baby to be born. In hindsight, Katie was in an incredibly busy season of her life over that long weekend, but never once did I feel as though she had anything to do or think about other than support me through my labor. Katie is kind, patient, skillful, and does her work with a beautiful compassion. I would never hesitate to ask her to be my doula again, and again, and again. -Rebekah K.


Katie was the best during our birthing experience! She kept me cool and calm while my wife did the heavy lifting. Before the actual birth, she was very helpful in answering all our questions, and gave us an accurate description of what to expect. I can't recommend her enough as a Doula. Dads: even if you're super involved and think "I got this," ask Katie to be there with you just in case. She's amazing, you won't regret it! -Eric W. 


Katie was an absolute superstar for us! Throughout my wife's pregnancy, she was always available to us, she provided patient guidance, she helped us stay calm and she gave us courage and strength every step of the way. But when Katie really shined was during delivery. My wife was diagnosed with an acute pre-eclampsia, which resulted in a very quick and unexpected emergency cesarean. We were not prepared for that and we were very scared. Katie threw the book out through the window and improvised with us, helping us cope through those incredibly stressful few hours and being a rock that we could rely on. Katie is a wonderful human being full of love, empathy and compassion. We are immensely grateful to have found her at such a pivotal time in our lives and we can't recommend her enough. -Seastian C. 


Katie was an incredible support to me at the end of my pregnancy with my second child. I didn't have anyone attend the birth, but I wish I had! She was encouraging me the whole time to wait it out and make it to the natural labor I desired. Her own personal stories as well as her calm, level headed demeanor really was the consistency I needed to make it past due with courage. I highly recommend having her by your side. -Robin B.